SSC CGL 2020 Tier 1 Delay ? New Dates ?

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I am receiving so many messages from my students and i am witnessing that So many students have concern regarding SSC CGL tier 1 to be held from 29 may 2021, whether it will be conducted by SSC from 29th of may or it will be postponed due to rising number of corona virus cases across the Nation.

Here i will tell you, how much delay can be expected by Staff selection commission (SSC) due to rising number of cases of Corona Virus (COVID – 19) on the basis of information and date we have today along with,  what should be your strategy for upcoming days so as to ensure there is no distraction from studies and  you are able to keep you energies and focus intact throughout. As as an SSC CGL aspirant our first priority is to score maximum marks so as to attain good rank in SSC CGL 2020 Tier 1, as marks of SSC CGL tier 1 is also evaluated in final score  and final ranking of SSC CGL Exam.

So, first me must have a look on previous data of Covid 19 cases across the country. On april 1, 2021 the cases reported were 72,330, whereas after 30 days, on May 1, 2021, total 4,01,993 cases reported on single day which is a global record. Also experts suggest that the peak of second of Corona virus is yet to come in the month of May, so after may this rise in cases is expected to decrease and atleast it will take 40-45 days to normalize the situation in the entire country. Since most of the central govt offices are not working right now including Staff selection commission (SSC), so after situation is normalised SSC itself will take some time to allot exam centres and issue admit cards of SSC CGL 2020 Tier 1 Exam.  Also, SSC CGL Exam is an All India exam and candidates across the nation appear in this exam so it is desired that situation should be normalize in the whole country. Now in this situation we can expect that SSC CGL 2020 Tier 1 Exam can be delayed upto 3 months from now and will be held from August 2021 or later than that.



How to utilize this Time and Improve Score in Mocks ?

I always told you in my previous videos and articles that the Tier 1 of SSC CGL exam is such that we should prepare in such a manner that we must be able to score full marks in quantitative aptitude and reasoning portion of SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam. And for this we must exactly know our weakness and strength. so I already gave you a formula that no matter you have completed your entire syllabus of SSC CGL Tier 1 but the two things on which you must focus is “Speed” and “Accuracy”.  Without solving questions with 100% accuracy and that to in speed we cannot expect to score good marks in exam.

Hence, I am providing you an evaluation chart of Quantitative aptitude for SSC CGL Exam where are all the topics of quantitative aptitude are listed and you evaluate yourself and tick the blank portion only if you have attained 100% accuracy in that particular topic and then after attaining hundred percent accuracy, check if you are able to solve all the questions of the topic in speed (that is not taking more than 1 minute per question). You must remember that these two things are really crucial for or you to crack SSC CGL Exam with Top rank as a majority of students can complete full syllabus of SSC CGL because everything is available for free now a days on YouTube. So completing syllabus is not enough we must ensure that we are able to solve all type of questions of all the topics accurately first and then solving those questions in speed.

Here I recommend that do not go for solving questions in speed first without developing 100% accuracy because only solving questions quickly is not important but solving them accurately and quickly is important. You can download evaluation sheet from the link below of Quantitative aptitude for SSC CGL Exam and evaluate yourself. I recommend that you should paste this evaluation sheet in front of your study table so that it will repeatedly remind you your strengths and weaknesses and exactly what is your position in the current situation where you exactly stand in your studies. All the Best my dear Students.

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DOWNLOAD evaluation chart of Quantitative aptitude for SSC CGL Exam