LIST OF ALL TOPICS ASKED in Descriptive Exam SSC CGL Tier 3 SSC CHSL Tier 2 and SSC MTS

SSC started descriptive exam in the year 2016 when interview was replaced by government with written exam for all central government jobs of group B and below.

Here you will come know about all the important topics of SSC CGL Tier 3, descriptive paper, that came in previous year papers. The following list will help you understanding the type of topics asked in descriptive exams of various exams conducted by SSC like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and SSC MTS.

In SSC CGL and CHSL, only one topic is given to students i.e One for Essay and One for Letter/Application, but in SSC MTS students are given with 10 options for Essay and Letter writing out of which only one essay or one letter has to be written by students.

SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive Exam Pattern

Tier-III being descriptive is a bit challenging for those who do not understand the nature of the exam. This exam demands practice and knowledge as well. The exam is of 60 minutes and carries a total of 100 marks. The mode of the Tier-III exam is offline(pen paper mode). The offline pen and paper-based exam also test a candidate’s ability to form opinions and arguments on certain topics. This could be done by essay writing or letter writing. The exam also aims to evaluate your grammar and how you convey your ideas in a short manner and specific content


SSC CGL Tier-III: Exam Patten 

  • Tier-III exam is held in offline mode (PEN PAPER MODE).
  • Total Marks – 100.
  • Time Duration – 60 Minutes
  • Marks Included in Final Merit
  • You can write in 2 Languages only (English or Hindi)
  • The topics that are asked in the exam include Essay writing/Precis writing/Letter writing.
  • The essay writing – 50 marks.
  • The letter writing and precis writing may carry 20-30 marks each.

SSC CGL Tier-III: Preparation Tips and Strategy

The descriptive nature of the exam demands practice. Also, most of the students throughout their preparation journey do not practice for descriptive paper. The descriptive paper is dynamic and topics can come from a wide area under this. So, aspirants need to tighten up their belt as it is not going to be an easy nut to crackle. Here are some tips for you to get through the examination:

  • Strategy: Plan a strategy and work on it accordingly. You can check for the previous year’s paper and essay question asked in other related examination that can help you with the focus areas.
  • Time Management: During practice, you have to keep time in mind. You have to attempt 3 questions in 60 minutes in which not only you will choose a topic and strategize the same but will also have to write as per the pattern.
  • Attempt: Try to attempt an essay first in the examination as it will not only fetch you more marks but also makes your mind focused.
  • Presentation: SSC CGL Descriptive exam demands a proper representation of the answers. So, start your essay with an introduction and end it with the conclusion. Also, preparing to present your letter and precise writing as per the pattern that will provide you decent marks.


Sample Copy (SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive Paper)

List of All Topics that are asked in Previous Years

  • SSC CGL 2018 Tier 3 Exam

Essay -> Importance of Education in Present Times (250 words, 50 marks)

Letter -> You are Sunita/Sunil resident of Gandhi road, dwarka, New delhi, 110083, write a letter to manager, G D Restaurant complaining about their poor service and the quality of food. (150 Words, 50 marks)


  • SSC CGL 2017  Tier 3 Exam

Essay -> How far demonetization has achieved its objectives (250 words, 50 marks)

Letter -> Assuming you are Rajan/Ragini and you have selected as the marketing manager in a public enterprise. write a letter to the concerned person that you will not be able to join immediately.  You live at Lodhi road, Delhi (150 Words, 50 marks)

  • SSC CGL 2016 Tier 3 Exam

Essay -> In an event of an Earthquake, for your safety, what you should do and what you should not do. (250 words, 50 marks)

Letter -> Assuming you are Suresh/seema. Write a letter to your younger brother Naresh, highlighting the distinct benefits and shortcomings of CBT (Computer based Test) and what will be the future of it. (150 Words, 50 marks)

  • SSC CHSL 2018 Tier 2 Exam

Essay -> Population control is the answer to all the problems. (250 words, 50 marks)

Letter -> Letter to your younger brother to tell him about the drawbacks of Excessive use of Cell Phones. (150 Words, 50 marks)

  • SSC CHSL 2017 Tier 2 Exam

Essay -> Old age and Social Security. (250 words, 50 marks)

Letter -> You are Mahima/Jaspreet, a resident at Lodhi road, new delhi. Write a letter to your younger brother Tinku, convincing him that if he wants to build a good career then you should leave all those things that are distracting him from his goal and suggest hi to focus only on studies. (150 Words, 50 marks)

  • SSC MTS 2016 Exam

Essay Topics

  1. Education and Life
  2. Rainy Season
  3. Mobile Phones
  4. Responsibilities of a Good Citizen
  5. Cricket match

Letter Topics

  1. Letter to a librarian to get new story books for college library
  2. letter to your father seeking permission to visit Jaipur with friends.
  3. letter to friends inviting them to spend summer vacation
  4. letter to Regional Electricity officer regarding not getting electricity bill on time
  5. Letter to newspaper editor regarding deteriorating Law and order situation


SSC CGL Tier 3 – Descriptive Paper – Demo Answer Sheet for Practice

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Complete Strategy for SSC CGL Tier Descriptive Exam

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