Trigonometry Part 2

In this part of Trigonometry you will learn about Complimentary angles and its usage and application in the questions coming in various exams like SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, CAT, CDS and various competitive exams. Also you will study the basic formulas of trigonometry and its application in day to day life. Clear understanding of the basic concepts of Trigonometry alongwith practice questions makes the preparation easier for students. Hence it is recommened that you must practice all questions given below after you have completed thoery lectures.

Some Important Formulas ;


पंडित बद्री प्रसाद हर हर भोले

Pandit Badri Prasad

Har       Har      Bhole






B = BASE (आधार)

H = HYPOTENUSE  ( कर्ण )


sin⁡ (90-θ)= cosθ

Put θ = 20°

sin⁡ 70°=cos 20°


tan⁡ (90-θ) = cotθ

Put θ = 35°

tan⁡ 55°=cot 35°


cosec⁡ (90-θ)= sec θ

Put θ = 36°

cosec⁡ 54°=sec 36°